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Each of our customers defines “financial success” differently and very personally. Some want financial security and self-sufficiency.
Others want to be disciplined about spending and saving so they can afford to buy a home, start or grow a business, save for education, or prepare for retirement. And some just want to be better informed about financial matters. Knowing what financial success means to each of our customers is the starting point for serving them well.

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Our Story

Our Story

A humble beginning all started with a dream. A tiny island in the pacific has been in the lime light lately as the country moves forward into the future. An opportunity has come about to give the people of Fiji a chance to purchase online without the hassle of spending a day in Town, Unfortunately the people of Fiji has been long waiting to join the ease of Online Shopping. As a multi-cultural community, the opportunity was to make a difference, hence the creation of

<strong>Just a little over a decade ago Tristan Levestam, At the Suva Open</strong>
Tristan Levestam. Just another day at golf. Fiji Golf Club
Fiji's Only Representative,World Junior Golf Championship at Torry Pines, USA
Fiji's Only Representative,World Junior Golf Championship at Torry Pines, USA

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The most important part of our business is our team, without them this would not have been possible


Gregory Levestam

Founder & CEO


Tristan Levestam

Programmer - Editor


Leilani Levestam


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